[Energy Efficient Requested] Media/Downloader PC

Hey everyone. I just joined the website the other day. I love the videos and should have joined sooner, but most of my desktop browsing is at work, and they thought you should be blocked. I don't know why. Maybe because Logan is always bitching about the NSA :P

However they finally let me get to the site and since I thought up a question and Google didn't turn up anything I was looking for I thought I'd ask the experts here.

Current situation: I have a desktop that I use for desktopy things. Mostly downloading things, hosting Plex and rarely playing a game. I have a 1 year old at home, so most of my time is spent watching him, which means using my more mobile Nexus 5 & 7. However it sucks a lot of power (I think it's a 1100 watt PSU, I don't have utilization numbers) for just sitting there downloading things and hosting Plex. So I am considering building a new computer with energy efficiency in mind. That way I can just turn off my computer and leave the new one on 24/7 instead.

Question:What parts would you recommend for something that's focused on being energy efficient. It would need to be able to stream video locally and remotely and download files. I will be putting Linux on it, most likely Ubuntu or Lubuntu. I am open to other suggestions. However I would prefer something Ubuntu based because I think the software I use to download works best with a Ubuntu based system.

I'm not looking to spend a lot, but I have a few parts around the house I could get started with. Specifically a spare video card (if there isn't an integrated chip) and RAM. 

Thanks for any advice you have.

1100w psu doesnt mean that it uses that amount all the time. Even with the most extreme of builds the simple act of downloading (idling pretty much) you'd consume well under 200w.

For the most efficient way imho is running an intel NUC, uses bugger all power - hook it up to a NAS etc. I really want one myself.


There is always the low-end rasberry pi option. May not have enough grunt though.

Wow the Intel NUC looks like it might be the way to go.

I forgot about a Raspberry Pi. I'll need to look into whether it's got the power for the job.

Thanks for the tips. I'll do some more digging on the NUC and Pi if it looks like the NUC might not do the job.