Endurance/Longevity Benchmarks of TLC SSDs


There. Apparently, you need to write over 700 TiB before you start losing data irretrievably. As they mention, even if you download 30GiB of data every day, your SSD will have a lifetime of 75 years! That's more than the average lifetime of most people in the US, or even Japan, if you consider when they're actually old enough to understand how to upgrade their own PC. Meaning, even if you're a teenager today of 15, and you only download around 30 GiB of data, you'll have to wait until you're over 90 before your SSD dies.

Obviously, you couldn't expect to use an SSD like this in a server environment. But for consumers, there really is no reason other than storage capacity to prefer an HDD over an SSD. (And considering that we have Seagate Barracuda 3TB HDDs for around 130$, and the Samsung 840 EVO 250GB for less than 180$, there is plenty of cheap options for powerful storage with large size and great speed.)

Any thoughts? Does this make anyone more or less likely to buy an SSD now? Does anyone now feel compelled to buy a Samsung 840 EVO rather than a Samsung 840 Pro ?

There is no reason not to be building every pc with a sdd. It the single cheapest thing, you can do to improve performance across the board.

Yep. And with SSD Caching, it can be really speed things up nicely.

And with SSDs in 120GB flavors coming at lower and lower price points, we'll soon see them [the 120GB SSDs] reach the 50$ price point, or lower, and pretty much every PC will have them.

I also think that once we get to the 1TB SSD for around 80$, we'll start seeing SSDs becoming an effective replacement for HDDs.

Ya, by then hdd will be dead. I think once 500GB ssd gets affordable there will be no reason to have any hdd.


What about budget builds? To suggest an ssd in say a $250 build is just madness

I will go for an SSD when I can afford it, if it works with linux without any problems.

I don't think 250$ builds will include SSDs for some time. However, as laptops and desktops typically start around the 500$ range (for brand new ones), we might see some computers where the HDD is replaced by an SSD.

There will still be room for an HDD, but an SSD/HDD combo will work best for most users, as an HDD tends to retain it's information when a PC is left without power for longer periods of time.

Thats 2gigs of ram and a quad core tablet now. Running off of ????