Endless rebooting with no video output. A sticky situation indeed

So my friend dropped some coke into his pc and because of the positioning of the cpu fan it got freaking everywhere. Somehow we, with alot of isopropyl and toiletpaper, got it cleaned up and the fucker actually booted up just fine (this was 2 hours after the incident and it worked for 4ish hours after that too).

Next day he sets his shit up. Hasn't touched the pc since last night and it goes into an endless boot loop. The monitor is black as night. Nothing.

We've tried clearing the CMOS, you know actually taking out the battery and shit, holding down the power button with pc unplugged, putting the ram in all the different slots, putting in different ram, using dvi on both GPU and mobo. All this we did while breadboarding..

The CPU should be fine. it was completely covered by the cooler and had only taken one very small drop which we cleaned off. Also it booted the first night so really should be fine but the motherboard has a bunch of cola on it so maybe that got fucked somewhere along the way?

When booting all fans will run and you hear noises from components and stuff. could this happen if the mobo is fucked?
I dont get it I mean we tried different ram! Are all the ramslots fucked with the rest of the board being fine? I dont know!

Any ideas?

i5 4690K
Noctua NH-D15
Gigabyte Z97X UD3H BK
Gigabyte GV-N970WF3OC-4GD
Define R5

I'm not going to ask how your friend managed to spill soda INSIDE A PC.. but have you tried plugging in the HDMI cable that's connected to the GTX 970 into the motherboard?

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If he plugged in the HDMI cable to the motherboard and is still not getting a display, that means the motherboard is fried.

That's what I feared but seems everything else works so that's something.. Anyways thanks for the suggestion though.

before you do anything, idk if you can test on your system, but check if the 970 works on a different system. that way your friend can salvage all the components that work.

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We didnt test the CPU yet but everything else seems to work just fine

Put the motherboard in the oven

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CPUs rarely die, motherboard is more toasted than my cinnamon toast crunch man.

Lmao that probably won't fix it in this case, something on their is fried. Couldn't hurt though, what are you gonna do, kill it more?

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did anything get into the power supply?

or... maybe into one of the cable connectors?

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That's a possibility... You should take it apart spray it down with brake cleaner, if an infinite boot loop is being caused by the PSU means it's triggering a safety shutoff via short so.. Clear the short and it should be undamaged, bit if it's the motherboard, like I said, it's most likely toasted