Ender's Game Trailer

Title says it... has no one posted this here yet? IDGAF if you seen it already. WATCH AGAIN!

Idk if I buy Ford as Graff. He just doesn't fit the character I know and remember. He's a fantastic actor though. I feel like he won't be what I know but I have no doubt his role will be stellar regardless.

Not sure if I can't remember the book, or if they changed it up, or I'm just a terible reader, but I don't get really any memories from the book by watching that. Oh well, I'll probably watch it anyways.

I've read that book so many times >.<

It looks like they are sticking to it pretty well... Also I think Ford could bring a new depth to the old tired half wrecked Graph...

Rant start/

The thing I'm worried about is that it will be a loose/loose for me no matter what how good it is.  If it is bad I'll be depressed forever, and anybody who hears I like the book will be like, "Oh that was a really bad movie." And I'll end up shooting myself...

On the other hand if it turns out to be amazing then I'll be happy until I have to start dealing with Ender's Game fanboys/girls who LOVED THE MOVIE LIKE ZOMG (yeah those people) and when I talk to one of them about it they'll say something like, "Oh it was a book? I don't read books they are lame." Or something along those lines... And I'll end up shooting myself...

/Rant over

Sounds like you need new friends. 

Not really interested in this

I really liked the book but I'm a little skeptical about the movie. I will need some more footage before I decide to see if its worth watching

I want pacific rim!

haha, the trailer shows the moment Ender uses the little doctor on the alien homeworld.

I wonder what sort of PR nightmare Orson Scott Card will stir up between now and when the film stops showing.

This is one of thos instances where I've got to try really hard to disassociate the writer from his/her work. Ender's Game, yes. Card, no.

Also, yeah its a little off putting that they pretty much put the ending right in the trailer.

Lol, should we have a spoiler alert for this thread?