[Ended] What would you do with a TerraMaster NAS?

would love to have it and try out unraid on it

That does look very hackable, but so many choices… replace the Raspberry Pi Nextcloud Box I put in place as a temporary solution about 4 years ago, reduce the size of my Jellyfin server that is currently on an HP N40L, create a new backup box for the rapidly increasing amount of data I have (particularly with my son’s video editing now). The danger is I like it enough to want another!

I stopped backing my data to my RAID1 array after my backup machine’s motherboard failed, so I would probably begin by doing that. It’s been a few months.

I could finally get some quality sleep with a NAS! my mom loves to watch movies at night so i have to leave my pc with the shared folder til morning and my fans are no quiet at all and most of the time i wake up for no apparent reason but i think its because of the pc :frowning:

I’d use this as an offsite backup for my existing Synology NAS

Use it serve all of my Wendell deepfakes, of course.

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I’d mess about with it and using other OSes on it, probably try and use it as a small lab device.
Comment was by GammaLoo, Somehow ages ago GammaLeo was taken on Youtube.

This is perfect timing. I run a small electronics repair store and I’ve been using one of those All-in-One security camera boxes. The kind with 4 cameras that link to a single box that connects to a TV. (Garbage basically). I’ve decided it’s time to upgrade my set up. I have 5 PoE cameras on my Amazon list and I just finished running the network cabling last weekend. I would love to use this NAS as the hub of my security cameras. It would be perfect to store and archive my security camera footage. It would also be great because I could easily make a simple PXE boot server for when I’m restoring laptops!

FreeNAS will not work due to the ZFS file system . I have a F2-221 with a unsupported RAM upgrade. From 2 GB to 10 GB by adding a 8GB RAM Module. With two 4TB drives set in RAID-0 most of the RAM is used up. I think I was left with 1GB to 1.5GB for other things. I would go with Open Media Vault. I have run OMV on my F2-221 and it runs good.


apart from typical backups … specially family photos …

I would create a webserver running some git service (maybe gitlab), and start hosting my code away from Microsoft's github ...

... and probably clone some cool repos in case of any doomsday cenario ...

big fan .. been watchin since tek syndicate ... great content guys :slight_smile:

I would make it a Slave to my R710 DeVember project so I wouldn’t have to virtualize the nas portion of the network.

Check out my project post:

Photo server, move away from Google photos. Being able to share pictures with family would be great!

Sounds like it would be kind of fun to try and get a PCI expansion out of it, and then have an actual multiport NIC. Other than that, I would actually have it back up my stuff, as my current single desktop hard drive is woefully slow.

1st of all, I would celebrate! :partying_face: I never really won anything in a giveaway! :smiley:

Then I would put it to good use by:

  1. Using it to organize my family’s 134k photos catalog
  2. Set up a media server (Plex or Emby) and experiment with the HDMI output


I’ve commented on YouTube (/watch?v=ZVXDm7UUEZE&lc=Ugwy0rT6nl3GavZ1OI54AaABAg)

I will use it as a NAS? lsn’t that obvious? HAHA

I would use it to actually back up my RAID. Ideally offsite maybe a friend/parents house. Relying on RAIDZ6 feels mostly safe. but without another backup/offsite still doesn’t feel great.

I would begin actually backing up my data and providing a backup service for my family.

My parents have 22 years of photos and I couldn’t convince them to back them up. 3 years ago, my mother started to really get into photography and I offered a hdd but everything still get saved to C: … So now they have a C: drive that is around 98% full.
I fear the day they call me to fixe a computer issue and the problem will be a hdd failure.
I am looking for a cheap NAS to offer them but I cannot fork the money right now.

So short answer is photo backup for my parents and duplicate deletion (because I know they sometime save several time the same sd card )

I’ve been looking into building my own unraid NAS, but I’m unable to find cases in my local markets that are small enough to hide in a shelf but still support 4-5 drives. I wanted to go this route as I find the available ready-made solutions are really very expensive in addition to the import taxes. I wonder if I can replace the USB flash drive with an Unraid one in this system. That would also allow BTRFS or ZFS(as you showed in Steve’s vid) if I can boot into Unraid. I can just add a new DIMM and that in addition to running Unraid, will also act as my Plex, NextCloud, Password manager, Torrent/NZB downloader, and most important as a backup for all devices in the house. If it can handle, I may also want to use it as a surveillance server to handle storage and processing from 4 POE cameras. I agree with the router bit you said, but I might also try to use it as a DNS resolver as well.

I would gfit it to my dad . He accually needs a NAS right now, for backing up his research data. I would also use it as my off site backup.