[Ended] What would you do with a TerraMaster NAS?

I would populate it with 4tb drives in raid 6 and use it for backups and as a plex server.

back up My Life :joy:

I would like to see if can handle 10Gbit of bandwidth in actual scenario :smiling_imp:

For me would be a great option to has a backup for my Hypervisor VMs! Since I’m planning to get a new little box with routing etc. would be the best way to have a backup solution for this. Thanks Wendell!

I would love to try to run a Plex server on top of ZFS for redundancy

idk…backup my stuff

Hello caching proxy! (again :stuck_out_tongue: )

Id set this up as my plex server. Small form factor hopefully running unraid and a dockered vpn with all my linux distros on it to share to the world… bwahahahahahahahaha

I would put 3 1 tb drives I have laying around for just network storage and backups with redundancy . Also 2 1tb ssd’s for my proxmox server connected directly over the 10g nic I have in my quanta server.

10g target for my VM’S in my HV test lab. Thank you and GOOD LUCK everyone!

I would back up and host a Wikipedia mirror.

(This is a copy of my youtube comment, sorry I didn’t realise we were doing short comments. The TL;DR version is that I would replace my 10 year old i5 2500k ZFS NAS)

I currently have a ridiculous patchwork of external USB 3.0 drives running in ZFS mirror pools (2 devices per pool, 4 zpools). This is what happens when you only add storage when your existing storage is full, but this is more down to budget than poor planning – at least 60:40 anyway. This media database is a real the ship of Theseus with all but one drive having been replaced at least once since I started it in 2011.

I’m in the process of copying everything to the cloud but my ZFS server is an i5 2500k system living on borrowed time so I definitely need to replace it at some point. So I would probably go off piste and load a ZFS compatible OS on the TERRA MASTER, then shuck 5 of my drives and make a RAIDZ2 pool.

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A guide to Fedora + LVM mirroring + Plex + AudioServe + zPush (Exchange)
It should be a good box mirroring old or slow PCs people use for NAS.

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I know exactly what i would use if for!

It would be lovingly adopted and placed between my little home Mikrotik router and my salvaged from trash repurposed thin client pc that now serves as pfsense box for my network.

This Teramaster (of the universe) would be used as : +anti-ransomware backup vault for everything important.
+Backblaze online backup
+FTP server for my home LAN
+SSH/VPN Server for remoting
+Light Hipervisor for my Windows VMs that i use for sysprepping my images and testing stuff.
+Super secret testing (James Bond villain grade stuff, so if I told you, you would be expected to die mr. Bond)

I would use it to backup my anime dvds, then do a plex server.

I would connect it to my horrifying Wifi to ETH converter I have in my storage room (long story short I cannot route a cable to that room.)

I’m building my DIY NAS, this would make me spent less time.

I’d set it up for backups for both mine and my wife’s computers, as well as a use it to play around with home video security.

Put Arch on it… Because why not!
And then use it to actually backup my server through zfs snapshots

Return my purchases for my DIY NAS using old pc parts haha.
Or just turn my old pc parts into an HTPC

Replace my Dell T110 II that’s currently my Plex server.