End of the line for the NZXT Beta?

Alright. Ever since it came out in 2009, i fell in love with the NZXT Beta because of it's simplicity, design, fantastic price point, and what it offers at that price.

NZXT released the EVO revision as part of the Classic Series later that same year, making an even better case for yet another great price.

The case is now discontinued unfortunately, and i have am kind of stumped as to whether or not i should purchase one.

I can get my hands on one of the few remaining units, that isn't a problem. I'm just curious as to whether or not NZXT will make yet ANOTHER revision of the Beta.

Based on the fact that they released the EVO revision so quickly after the original, and have kept producing it for so long, and have now discontinued it, i imagine they won't be making another Beta.


But, right... it wouldn't hurt to ask what other people think. So, i leave that to everyone here on the forum who wants to give me an answer.


What do you think? Should i go ahead and get this little case i've grown fond of? Or should i wait for another potential NZXT revision of the Beta?

Anyone? Could there possibly be a THIRD revision of the NZXT Beta? Or should i not worry, go ahead and purchase the EVO?

the beta?

never heard of it.

I had never heard of it until now. It looks like a pretty decent case, but you can tell it's old because of the top mounted power supply. I personally really liked the NZXT Tempest Evo, but that might be discontinued by now as well.

I know they have the Tempest 410 and Tempest 410 Elite which is a similar case, but it seems they're going into more of the direction of the new Phantom and Switch cases. I really don't see them bringing back a revision of the original Beta, and the new Tempests are probably going to be the closest you're going to get from NZXT.



REALLY!? It’s a really nice case. Came out in 2009. I fell in love with it ever since I first saw it when it came out. Albert reviewed it back in the Tigerdirect days. NZXT have since released an EVO version, part of their classic series.  Linking the video, just for the hell of it.




WOW. Another person who doesn't know about the Beta? Hmm. Well, anyway. It does have a bottom mounted PSU, btw. The EVO has rubber mounts at the bottom area where the PSU gets mounted, too. Check out some videos of the EVO, too, just for any clarification. It's the revised version. You’ve got it twisted. I’m asking you guys whether or not I should purchase a leftover EVO, in case NZXT decide to ditch the Beta design PERMANENTLY. In short, the dilemma is: I’ll feel really, really shitty if NZXT come out with yet ANOTHER revision of the Beta, and I buy the EVO. This case is just very special to me, for some reason, and it’d be even MORE special if NZXT are 100% guaranteed to NEVER make another Beta again.

But, on the other hand... if I buy the EVO, and they DO make another Beta... that would suck , as well. So, I’m basically calling on everyone’s judgement to help me make a decision.