ENCRYPTION [Hard Drive, USB, folders]

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I am looking for a program to encrypt my hard drive. I've looked into BitLocker and some other open sources; but I am lost and don't know the level of security that they may provide.

Can a hard-drive be encrypted enough to be almost impossible to crack? (I know there's nothing uncrackable, but at least something difficult enough to not be worth cracking.)


What programs do you recommend? TrueCrypt?


Thank you for your time!



Stay away from Bitlocker ( Since its a Microsoft Tool)

Use TrueCrypt. Not gonna explain how to use it. Its easy enough to learn. Just read their website.


Thanks! And don't worry, not looking for a guide to use TrueCrypt; but a comment on it's level of security and how easy it may be cracked.

In order to answer your question, we pretty much need to know what situations you are mainly trying to protect against.

If it is against civil society and hackers and such, then you are protected.

If it is against the government in the case that you give them enough suspicion to make you into a high priority target, they have enough computational power and ways to decrypt your HDDs no matter what.

If it is against airport and border security, then you are protected gathered you know some tricks to avoid giving them the password and the national laws in regard to what you can and can't do. Citing a post by a user "Glib" on Torrentfreak:

2 partitions; encrypt a "clean" OS/partition with one password, and your "real" OS/"partition" with another. It is impossible to tell if you even HAVE a Truecrypt volume in your "unpartitioned" space, so you could easily just tell them you short-stroked your harddrive to increase performance (which is realistic, and is how I used to configure my drives before SSDs). You're not breaking the law, because you DID give them the password, and they can't tell if you're lying about what's in the blank space because they can't tell if it's gibberish or real data. If you have an SSD, you can wipe it to bare data in about 1/2 second. My non-work machine is setup to wipe its own SSD if you don't know the encryption password; presumably they pull the drives to try and get the data, but if they're stupid enough to try and boot my machine, it'll wipe itself and they'll have destroyed the data. I honestly never knew/don't know the password to my server's encrypted volumes (only the PC does).

Another option is to claim you use a USB stick to decrypt your partition (which is a pretty commonplace). When they seize your shit, they'll seize all your computer stuff (USB sticks included). When they ask for the key, tell them it was stored in duplicate on a green USB stick you keep with your computer, and a red USB stick you keep somewhere else (safe?). When they ask for the USB sticks, tell them they seized both. When they can't find them, claim the police probably pocketed the things (also realistic considering how brutal police are at stealing from "criminals").


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@Jazzy_Jeff says TrueCrypt has backdoors so i wouldn't use it.


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