Encrypting all network traffic

As a complete networking dummy, I was wondering if I can encrypt my traffic without using a vpn.
I live in a country where ALL traffic is legally monitored. Unlike the NSA, they can track anyone completely legally. I have nothing to hide, but they also started blocking certain services such as skype and supposedly steam for "National security reasons" but it seems to affect certain ISPs only. I am aware that a simple VPN could overcome that, however there have been rumors that they plan on blocking some VPNs. So my question is, can I encrypt data without using a VPN?

tl;dr I wanna encrypt all traffic without using a vpn because reasons

Using a VPN is the only option.
Sorry brah.
Use the tools that the world provides

Yeah I thought so, I just had to make sure.
Well, time to move out of here.

Seriously though,Why not use a VPN

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I will use one for the time being, but there are rumors that even VPNs will be blocked so idk.

What country are you in?

If you're looking for a good VPN, I personally recommend PIA, and I know tek syndicate are big fans of them too.

All internet here has to go through the government owned ports, which is also the country's largest ISP (I don't think it's a monopoly, they're just the biggest). They're allowed to go through any data without notifying you if they have cause for suspicion.
This is obviously a huge privacy issue, but I have nothing to hide (that the government would care about) so I didn't care much. Until today one of the ISPs was forced to block Skype, with some users reporting issues with the following:
Viber Messenger
WhatsApp messenger's call feature.
I personally wasn't affected, however we had similar issues before. There are contradicting reports whether it's an intentional blocking or not, and whether it's the ISP or the government as each side is blaming the other.

I have considered Frootvpn, Vyper, and the one that works with Popcorn time. I don't remember its name tbh. I will check it out though, thanks man.

My only problem with the PIA is they don't accept paysafecard and they are based in US.

(ok maybe the second not so much....)

All of them work with popcorn time, just some sneaky bugger made a deal with them to have their name up there ;)

This is an age old question. While conceptually it sounds like a great idea. It would be the equivalent of speaking in a language that only you understand when talking to anyone else.

A VPN is like a translator. The communication between you and your translator is not understood by anyone but you and the translator, then the translator speaks your words in a language that is understood by everyone else. In the form of HTTPS or other naturally encrypted traffic, you are nesting the encrypted traffic inside the private communication between you and your translator.

At some point, your traffic has to be decrypted so it can be properly read and a response sent back.

Hopefully that makes sense.


It does, and I totally understand that. I was just wondering if there was a way to encrypt the traffic on my end and have the other end decrypt it without the need for a VPN.
Thanks for replying though, Qain.

use HTTPS for everything, use OTR software for IM services. Otherwise what you are asking IS one of the VPN services.
I still think the VPN services need to come up with a better name, a "Virtual Private Network" doesn't seem to properly describe how they are being used.

You could install Tor on your router but using it for everything is not practical. You can't run torrent clients, you can't open pdf files and some other things. Unless you want to compromise your privacy. I imagine your PING wound increase too.

You can try IPVanish i heard they have very fast connections.

To answer you question specifically.....
VPN is not the only way you can encrypt traffic. Like Qain sort of eluded to, VPN has become this service that companies are basically selling like a band aid cure. Just wanted to point out that most people are basically paying for two ISPs. However, there are certain situations, like public networks, where it is smart to have an encrypted tunnel, because you do not trust the infrastructure around you.

I understand networking is new to you....
But there are other possibly solutions, but none are as friendly as off the shelf VPN.
There are proxies, which I would not trust any public proxy. But you could build your own SSH tunnel, and proxy. You would basically need to learn a little bit about ports, or have someone build you a script or setup that you could just use.

Something like Digital Ocean, here in the US, could be you're home base for that, and you could probably do it for $5. They're not checking bandwidth right now, so for the immediate future, you're basically on the open road.

I know OS X, has a pair of good apps in the App Store for working with Tunnels or Proxies without command line. Though you still sort of need to have some help getting your configuration nailed down...

If you are interested, maybe my self, or someone else can help you work this out. Though I might need to here more about your concerns, or situation, as to why VPN is not attractive. Honestly VPN is a little easier for me, but I use it more so to connect to a private network, rather than the larger internet. Which could be just the same as what you need it for.

Sorry for the delay in reply guys.
Yeah I am aware that VPNs do that, I already use one, but if you read my previous replies. I said that they might block VPNs as well.

I already use HTTPS for everything yeah, thanks man.

Tor is a definite no no, this is a home network that has at least 5 phones connected to it not including any possible computers.

tunnels, proxies... less perfect, but just as strong.