Encrypting a single folder

What's a good way of encrypting a single folder in Windows 8? I've got a lot of top secret video and image files that I don't want anyone to come across you know, because i'm like in politics and stuff. What can I do?

I've been using bitlocker on my pen drives to great success! But that's like a shotgun whereas I am looking for a sniper rifle.

Got any ideas for me?

7zip.  Free, open source, and will give you a few easy to use encryption options.  I'm pretty sure they use AES-256 so it should be fairly safe, although I'm not sure how it's stood up to the new programs that use GPUs to brute force files.  In general though, the trick is simply to use 8 or more characters, even if it's not complex.  So something like maryhadAlittlelamb is goin to be way more secure than something short and complicated like C3mt!6  It's good to have a single uppercase letter or character if your password's under 10 characters.  Just choose a good phrase though, and you should be secure.


If I had to recommend anything it would be truecrypt

Ah so I have 7zip, but on a quick look through I saw no password encryption. I thought that seemed odd because I remember using winzip back in the day and swore it had a passWord option. I'll look harder this time.

in the mean time I just decided it was better to make a new partition and encrypt the whole drive that way instead of a single folder. Yet it's good to know I have options. That seems like a great way of sending files from one place to another, among other uses.

also going to check out truecrypt and see what that offers. It's great receiving these recommendations as I've been a bit more interested in security lately.

7zip does have the ability to add a password to the Archive, As well as encrypt the file names. I still prefer WinRAR tho. Free 40day trial, And you can still use it after the trial is up( It just reminds you to purrchase it )  If your going to make a new partition And Encrypt it, Then TrueCrypt will work perfectly for that. I currently Have a partition Encrypted with TrueCrypt and ive had no issues. You can even Encrypt your whole Drive (Includeing the one windows is on) And setup a pre-boot Authentincation. I'm just not sure if Truecrypt works on windows 8.

This is another free encryption program  similar to truecrypt, No idea if its compatable to windows 8 tho.