Encrypted skype alternative

Anyone one know of a good free and encrypted skype alternative I can use? I need it to be able to do video chat and ideally text chat as well.

something like https://matrix.org/ - together with https://riot.im/
but always depends on what the people you want to communicate with accept to use.


thanks. the people I want to talk to will use whatever I decide. We are just looking for something new to use

Tox is also an alternative


Wire is pretty good too.

@Eddie00773 plus one for Matrix/Riot.

Thank you all. We are currrently trying Riot. It seems to be working pretty well.
Thanks for the help.

I like that terminal client..... sexy..... I've always loved terminal programs for some reason.

I gotta see if I can get my friends on it.

You could set up a simple Murmor server and use Mumble (the name of the client for Linux, Mac, Windows - Plumble is the Android client, and there is one for iOS too I think) is another option. You know whats there, you control any logs, etc. The server will run on a gen1 raspberry pi too.

Not as easy as skype because you need the server, but its pretty easy to set up and manage (there are tutorials), and its open source so if you are worried about backdoors, take a peak at the code yourself or have someone you trust do it (or get to know the devs and start trusting them :p )./

There are certainly easier solutions, but if you want the control over it I think this is a good solution.

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Yup, file sharing and video chat or audio call along with email. All end to end encryption.

Howabout.... Not skype? :D


It's been a long time since last update. I wanted to donate some money to the tux3 guy but I didn't find any options to do so.

I don't see any either - tox.chat was last updated on 16.12.2016; not too far gone imho

Ahh... I didn't notice that. My version is from 10th of August 2016. Auto update is enabled but it's not updating.

That's not thaaaaaaat far back... is it?

Wire. Been using it for 5 months. It's great!

Don´t know if you are still looking for alternatives. Linphone is the one I´m using now for about a year.
You can find it as a Linux desktop application in many distro´s repositories, and also available for Iphone and Android (Google Play Store or F-Droid).

A very secure Android text chat client is Conversations, using XMPP with end-to-end encryption either with OTR, OpenPGP or QMEMO.