Encrypted Email?

What would you recommend Logan and Wendell (or anyone) for a good encrypted email provider?? I have only heard of Lavabit which i know is now gone, but I also heard about Dark Mail which I saw was founded or co-founded by the same person who owned Lavabit. I am new and just starting into the world of encryption and the forums here  so far have been a great help.

I think this is a pretty good article on the topic


Really the only way to make sure that the only people reading your e-mail are you and whoever you sent the e-mail to then you have to use some kind of end to end encryption. Which means you both need to have the necessary software as well as exchanging public keys. Just encrypting e-mails on the server isn't overly useful, because anyone with physical access to the server will be able to access them, so you need to trust the server, and there's no guarantee that once the e-mails leave the server that there will be any encryption at all, even in transport because not all e-mail servers and clients support ssl/tls.