Enable USB power delivery?

Motherboard: Gigabyte Designare EX x399

I’m trying to figure out how to charge my phone and tablet from my newly built system, which has USB 3.1 gen 1 and gen 2 capabilities.

On my $600 Dell 5060 at work, I can plug my phone or tablet into the type-c port and it recharges at 3 amps, so it’s charged pretty quickly.

Tried the same on my $2500 TR2 build, and it charges at 100ma, going to take forever to charge at that rate.

Is there some setting I’ve missed, or are the USB ports just defective / poorly implemented?

Tried both the gen 2 rear connection and the gen 1 front connection.

Edit: same cable on both systems, so I know it’s not a cable issue. Also tried an expensive full certified Thunderbolt 3 passive cable (good for 100 watts), same result.

do you have the board drivers installed? my usb 3.0 required them to enable 2amp fast charging.

I have the chipset drivers installed provided on the gigabyte website. I’ll double check to see if there’s anything specific for USB. Thanks for the suggestion!

There is no specific USB 3.1 driver available to download. There is an ON OFF CHARGE app I downloaded, but it won’t install. The description states it allows charging while the computer it shutdown, so I’m not sure that is helpful. The install fails with an error “The account already exist” - not sure what account, or why an app would need an account, kinda sketchy.

was taking a shot in the dark.
will look at a board layout and see if there could be something simple. optional power plugs etc… sometimes its the things we overlook that get us.

just to double check you have both the 4 pin and the 8 pin connectors on the top of the board plugged in?

Yes, those two cables are connected.

While I was home from lunch I tried a third USB cable just to be sure, brand new, USB 3.1 gen 2 USB-IF certified 10 gigabit cable. No change on the charging. At work now, took the cable with me, phone recognizes USB-PD right away and begins fast charging.