Hey guys. I was just sitting here, thinking.. I used to own a PS3. Once I got rid of it, some games came out that would be cool to play. Heavy Rain is one example. LittleBigPlanet (childish game, I know, but I enjoyed it) is another.

I've searched for PS3 Emulators (in hopes of trying out Heavy Rain before rushing to spend $350+ on a new console and said game(s)) but the only thing that I can find is a forum topic from 2007 that said the ability (code? hardware?) to emulate a PS3 is 5 - 7 years away. Here it is nearly 2013, and I was just wondering if anyone had any ideas/knows when we might see one.

So, thoughts?

They don't exist and won't exist for quite some time, even with the best emulator code you need at least 4x the power of the original product. Also currently no one would be dumb enought to make the emulator, the systems are still in main use and emulation of the code can be illegal.

What about a PS2 Emulator? Plenty of amazing titles I'd love to replay (KH1 and 2 for starters, then the Final Mix editions.)

PCSX2 works great, I just finished replaying the MGS series off of it with a Wireless 360 Controller for Windows.

How well would this sytem perform running PCSX2?

  • AMD Phenom X4 965 black (stock clock)
  • 4 GB 1333MHz Mushkin Blackline
  • Sapphire HD 7770 GHz Edition


Decent enough for a moderate amount of PS2 titles. And yea, try PSX2 http://pcsx2.net/

depends on the game, some run in emulators better than others... FF12 runs with better fps on my laptop than on my ps2, but SWBF2 might as well be crysis on max as far as that goes....



I have a friend who gets aroun 24 FPS on Burnout 3 on his ps2 emulator, and he has an i7 extreme edition and a 7970 6gb edition card. lol.

Well anything is better than what I have now (nothing, until my corsair PSU comes in. Just got it ordered today.) My custom build (named Glitch) is sitting on my desk... Doing nothing. He's so cold. So lonely. He just wants someone to play with him (like some of us here.)

As long as I get good FPS on KH games, I'll be happy.

You have to muck around with the emulator settings on a pretty much per-game-basis to get the max fps in PSX2. But yea, some games inherently run a lot better than others.

bassfire, add me on steam and I'll help you get PCSX2 running, trust me, poorfags are the best at making emulators work the best for the hardware available to them

right click the steam taskbar button and select friends, then at the bottom click add a friend, and type Gigabuster_EXE

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Hi newfag, or 4fag, or /b/ro, or whatever the hell you're calling yourselves. I'm not, by definition, poor. We're just above the poverty line, though. So yes, I'm going to get emulators and play the games I want on a system that cost me only $400. One, it's cheaper than buying all the separate systems I want to play games for. Two, if I see a game I want to try, I don't have to go out and pay money to rent it or buy a used copy.

So you can take your 'lol poorfags' comment and shove it right up your fucking ass.