Emulators for ps2/3 xbox360/original for the pc?

I need emulators for the ps3 due to Kingdom Hearts since I played Birth By Sleep on the psp ps2 if there isnt an option due to the dated graphics.

Need a xbox emulator both system not counting the Xbone due to Halo 3 which was a childhood dream and Alter Echo on the Original Xbox since in that game i freaked after a certain part of the game and wish to beat the game. 

Cant be bothered to get the Systems and hook it up to my TV, however i do have a Xbox360 controller which i want to use for emulators. Are there emulators capable running these games that I am wanting to

Ps2: get pcsx2

Ps3 emulator does not and likely never lwill on x86 hardware

Xbox emulator is still not available or finished. I think last I heard was it could only play the original USA version of halo 1

360 is being worked on but don't expect it for several years. It is mainly be worked on for arcade cabinet emulators. 

Sorry you simply have no choice, hook up those systems.

EDIT: looks like the Chihiro system emulator which was based on Xbox/360 might actually be pretty good at running Xbox games but it still early days. Work is being done but it will still probably be a few years before it is fully usable. Hold hope, but for now dust off those systems.

yeah might as well get a job and hook me up some.... i hope i can find some copies at my game store

btw i have two original xbox  one is unmodded and i dont know the other one is and it is modded anyone know how to burn xbox isos?

seem to remember a lot of how-to's on that on youtube


If you want to play Halo 3 on PC Id wait to have the master Chief collection come out for the Xbone. Since it has the same instruction set as your cpu it would be alot easier to develop something to run it.

As far as the PS3 emulator goes, currently there are no emulators for commercial games, but RPCS3 is making great progress. I wouldn't say there will never be a ps3 emu on x86, I would say it is going to take another 1-3 years.