Emulator or hack wii


I didn't know where to put this specifically so i just decided to put this on PC just cause, i know that sounds stupid, oh well. So i just recently watched the wiiplacement video (again) and i was thinking about doing it but my friend said that i shouldn't do it cause i would get all kinds of compatibility issues and it would ruin my gaming experience and it was better to just get a wii and hack it. So i thought i would ask you the tek syndicate community for some feed back please and thank you. Basically what i want to know is how does the dolphine emulator run while emulating legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, twilight princess, skyward sword,. I realize how this maybe a lot to ask for and I'm sorry, but these are the three main games i plan on playing (and yes i'm a sucker for legend of zelda games, dont hate :p).  

Computer specs: 

CPU: Intel i7 3770K

MB: asus Sabertooth Z77  

GPU: Nvidia Geforce GTX 670


Mhh, why exactly would you need to hack the wii?

Anyways, with your specs you should be able to play those games with hd or higher resolution with texture sharpening, AA and whatnot, that makes a world of difference compared to the max 480p you can get out of the Wii with an adapter (when I use my Wii with my 1080p beamer I have to move to the end of the room so it doesnt look like utter garbage).

Thanks to being so popular those games are worked on quite alot, but you gonna need to look up the optimal settings for the specific games. When I played wind waker years ago with a weaker cpu I only had slowdowns in one area (giant tree), it should run flawless for you. Skyward sword should also run almost perfect with only some possible minor issues https://wiki.dolphin-emu.org/index.php?title=The_Legend_of_Zelda:_Skyward_Sword .

Twillight Princess might be a bit of a problems since there tend to be slowdowns on the large hyrule map after some time, but still playable.

You should at least try dolphin out, its not much of a hassle to set up.

ps: If youre looking to increase your dolphin performance on a hardware level you should try to oc your cpu, Dolphin needs crazy per core performance but with the 670 it probably doesnt matter if you run the games in native res or 1440p.

Guess this depends on how the controls are for you (particularly for Skyward Sword), because you shouldn't have much performance problems with that setup.

Personally I did both so I can use my Wii to rip the discs onto my USB, then play them on either/both.

Download "ModMii" It will give you all the files you need, and walk you through how to install homebrew on the wii.

thank you so much i got the dolphin emulator and i have been having so much fun playing zelda on pc :)

Hacking the wii was fairly easy in my experience. I only like to do so at the end of the generation because I do like to keep things legal and pay for all of the main games I buy. But 5 years on, yeahhhh go for it.

i did not try the wii placement method, cause i have an AMD cpu currently, and dolphin seems to run like crap on AMD cause of the bad single threaded performance.

However i do have a Wii, and i softmodded it my self a long time ago. put games on a HDD and run them with USB loader GX