Emulator assistance?


Does anyone know where I would be able to get a proper functioning Playstation 2 emulator? A friend and I want to relive some old times, but we need a PS2 and specific games, neither of which we are able to get. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Also, on a side note, can anyone tell me what this forum's views on software piracy are? I can't find any rules about it, only stuff like no direct links etc.

look at PCSX2. It's a good and easy to use PS2 emulator. All you need is a .ISO of a PS2 game and open it via PCSX2 and you are all set. Make sure to set your own controls (especially if you are using a controller. I use a PS3 controller with Motioninjoy).


As far as getting games, I don't know how this forum takes to downloading PS2 games for an emulator, so I can't help you there.

Thanks alot, that works great!

I actually meant software piracy in general though...


no linking, no endorsement, but we all know most of us have done it at least once or twice... 


I just ripped my cd's.... it works... for FF12. BF2 is really laggy

I believe there are some quality settings that you might be able to tweak that may help it speed up.