Emulate with 360 controller

Alright guys, I use to have a bunch of awesome emulator stuff on and old PC, its all gone now :( And I wanted to get back into some old NES games, but then I thought, I got this fancy ass xbox controller for ma pc, I wondered if I could emulate a PS1/2, or maybe a Xbox 1?

Anybody have any suggestions of good emulators that may or may not support 360 controllers?

Thanks guys :D

Most emulators should support it, I use to use one to play Zelda on an N64 emulator and it worked fine.

You just have to configure the controller in settings.

The controller would work, however there is no *good* xbox emulator.

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alright, ill try some snes games, can anyone reccomend a good s1 emulator?



Check Ice out.   Linky


It uses Steam’s Big Picture Mode and also has the ability to launch non-Steam applications.


Ice supports NES, SNES, N64. GameCube, PS1, PS2, Genesis, Gameboy, and GBA games, with support coming for the Wii, the Dreamcast, and the Nintendo DS.

I love you.

Frackin wonderfull man!! thanks a lot!!!