Empire total war wroth buying?

any one know? i realy liked age of empires 3 i was windering if this was any good


some websites are calling it the best strategy game ever made... PC Gamer UK gave it a REALLY good score.

id give it a try if i wasnt poor... but by the review i saw on ign.com it looked good

hmm i might buy it then it looks amazing

Total War games are not like Age of Empire mrtastycakes, you got to take care of your whole empire, the finances, relations with other countries/empires, etc. It's not just build a town center, a barack and a stable than you're ready to go.

I'm gonna buy it because I really like Total War games. If you think you'll like it deff. go buy it.

that and Medieval II: Total War.

I haven't got the chance to play it yet but I will be getting it soon. If it's anything like Medieval : Total War (Which it looks like it is) it will be amazing.

The reviews and game play vids look amazing, but i think you have to be into strategy games to like. (im more FPS.lol)