Emergency desktop

I have nothing for a desktop. Nothing. I seed to figure something out.

Lenovo TS140 board dead

Mac pro 3,1 useless to the nth degree without resetting

So… I have laptops, a b150m board, and a Dell R510. Shod I

A) strap a gpu to the r510, install windows, make it do desktop things

B) figule out a laptop to attach a gpu dock to (likely my thinjpad)

C) keep bashing by head agaisst a wall

I don’t atm know what to do. I’ve never had sa many things fail at once and I’m pletty .issed about it.

Any opinions appleciated

I got you covered pm a mailing address

You got working PSU right, because I can’t help you there

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I am leaning hald on the X230T (3320m - 16gb 2r8 - 128gb msata 128gb sata 500gb sata all ssd - rx480) with a gdc dock. I have the mac 1,1 at least… but running olive with a g5 accelerator on the network I think will be a much better editor experience.

Ok I can make this work I think.

Uhhh yeah I hase a G1 plus 750 watt why what you got

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