EmClient vs Mailbird?

I want to buy a new mail client to use on my PC, but I don’t know which one to get? They are the same price, but I’m not sure which one is better? I download both they seem ok for now, but the question is which one is better and more reliable? I need to use it to read email and send, I use email often, so I need something to help me get the best email experience

I had tried Mail on Windows 10, but I didn’t like it, and the reason is that the way it displays email’s and the focused tab is just pure stupid, sometimes for no reason, it decides to not display all the email’s and skip some.

For Gmail I use EasyMail, but It’s just a web browser that opens and display Gmail.

If you can add any advice or any good Email client, I’m happy to take a look at it.

Thank you all,

If Gmail your email provider? Why not just use their web client?

I have around four emails, for Gmail I keep using the web browser but for the Live and other email’s I prefer to just use a third-party app it’s better for me to keep everything organized, I wish Google would release a desktop app that can display email instantly and easily instead of enter chrome and head to gmail.

Ah I see. Im not familiar with many windows email clients, but i know that thunderbird has had some more recent development again and just had a new release. That might be worth having a look at.

Oh I didn’t know that, I remember the last time I have tried Thunderbird it was so slow, but thanks for telling me I will give it a try :slight_smile:.