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Ok so due to some stupid rule with the company i did contract work for i had to keep my old google account. But now that i am no longer doing contract work i need to migrate to a more secure email service for personal email, I have been running my own domain with email for business but i am undecided whether to use this for personal also, most services like proton mail im a bit wary of - due to the fact that there is no fingerprint verification for keys and because of the whole lavabit debarkle.

So I would like to ask you guys what you use for your personal email( official doc, logins, ect) and why?

(also as a side note - google has started giving advertisers access to super profiles so you might want to also consider changing providers)

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Got two. The first one is a German one ( as it falls under German law and so on.
Second one is costs money, but that is a small price to pay for privacy.

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Two of the most recommended ones from this forum are and

Can you explain your concerns with ProtonMail? I use them but haven't heard anything that would cause issues with privacy.

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