Email Clients on Linux

I switched to Linux desktop (Pop!_OS) from macOS about 2 month ago, but I am still not happy with the available Email solutions I found so far. I have 7 email inboxes I want to manage from one app.

On the Mac side, I was using Readdle’s Spark, but I struggle to find something that is as clean and simplistic and has the other useful features like snooze. I have tried Mailspring, but with GTK3 it feels a bit out of place and I don’t really like that I have to have an account. I am trying Geary next, but wondered if anyone has some other recommendations? Evolution and Thunderbird are both way too overloaded in their user interfaces for my taste.

mutt is pretty simple and its CLI

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Yes, I am familiar with it. I have never taken it seriously before, though. Should I?

if you only do text based emails… sure

A little update in between: I tried a few more. Geary displeased by not offering a unified inbox (at least I didn’t see it), though I bet its a great app for people with only one email address and a not too big email volume.

I also tried Bluemail, but it somehow doesn’t let me add any of the my mail addresses except one (it fails to log in, regardless of the combination of options I try)

Kube looks very interested from an interface perspective, but it still lacks a lot of features to be feasible for me (such as a button to display unread Email only). I really like the PGP integration

I did install Mutt, but haven’t configured it yet…

Next on my list to try is KMail.

I still don’t want to believe that Mailspring is my best option on Linux.

You aren’t alone in not liking Thunderbird.

Although I don’t understand why. Thunderbird is my favorite e-mail client.

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These two are the best we had to over here on linux land. Maybe you can emulate the Readdle’s Spark somehow? Althought this might be the first time I heard anyone emulating stuff from MacOS to linux. You should probably ask around.

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Right now, for the meantime, I have settled on using Evolution for all my work email (its fast and stable with good features, but very ugly compared to the rest of my perfectly tweaked Desktop) and Geary for my private Emails (it lacks features I only need for work, but it is soooo pretty in comparison to evolution and I much prefer the interface)