Elon Musk High Speed Unrestricted Internet

Musk is love, Musk is life! Screw FCC and screw ISPs. Even if they kill net neutrality, it won't matter if Musk has something to say about it.


"SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter on Monday to confirm rumors that his company plans to launch a fleet of micro-satellites that will provide high-speed low cost, unrestricted internet access. Musk also stated that more details would be available in a formal announcement to come in two or three months."

This guy never ceases to amaze me. Every freakin' time he comes up with ideas that are completely out of the box and so elegant and altruistic yet probably profitable at the same time. I want his brain for just a few days.

Satellite won't ever be very fast, but sure if it somehow offers good coverage at a low cost then it would be a nice option. That low cost part is what will require some real innovation.

It will probably be really fast in terms of bandwidth, but slow in terms of latency. 

It might just be a better and more adorable service for rural users, anyway I don't think governments would be very happy if it was an encrypted service lol.

Even if the latency is slow if it has high bandwidth numbers it will promote sales most laymen don't factor in latency. Any competition in the market right now would seem to be a good thing.

I'd use it. I have no other option besides maybe Hughes Net which is hardly faster but twice as expensive as my 3.0Mb/s DSL line.

This Musk guy needs a perfume line. Also needs to run for president he's promising so much stuff! 

Satellite internet?   ...sigh 

He doesn't promise anything. He just says "this is what I'm gonna do" and then he does that.