Elite Dangerous?

I did a search, all the results are ancient…

Anyone currently playing Elite, perhaps in a Western Hemisphere time zone? I’m east coast time

Generally available evenings, sometimes late night on the weekend.

Looking for wing mates for general purpose PVE kill missions, or what have you.

god its been a while

cant get on atm but its a good game

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@RoyalBlue Someone mentioned that space game you like so much!

Haven’t been on recently as i switched from Windows to Linux entirely, and haven’t tried making it work yet.

but i believe it runs in proton. Been too time poor to bother though, life happened and my full hotas + pedals + trackir setup is gathering dust.

I currently play (Elite Dangerous: Horizons). I’m USA/PST. I’d be down to play but it’s gonna take me a while to get back to the bubble as I’m currently in Saggitarius A*. I was planning on going to a random corner of the galaxy afterwards, but I’d be down to meet up somewhere instead.

Whilst i’m here…

Anyone got any comment on the new auto-dock, ship transport stuff, etc.?

Sounds like they’re dumbing the thing down a fair bit.

I guess stealth/smuggling docking will still be a thing, but hopefully the autopilot dock is dumb enough to make users of it vulnerable or waste time vs. doing it manually.

TBH the game is sooo lacking in depth that any feature at all such as auto dock just adds a bit more substance to the game. It’s really irritating to see such an enormous universe that is only an inch deep. I really really really hope the next big thing is atmospheric planets. I mean, even “Space Engine” has an entire universe with all the planets having atmospheres you can explore, and that was written by just one dude.

Also, the auto dock thing isn’t really heavily utilized because it takes up a precious slot. The asteroid mining is really cool. The big transport ship thing is gonna be a bust.

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I’ve started playing again, not sure if I’m going to be in the same time zone but you can add me if you like: CMDR dexterkane