Elite: Dangerous crew?

I think it would be a good time if a few of us here got into Elite together. I, for one, don't really have anybody to play the game with.

We could form a swashbuckling crew of jolly space pirates or bounty hunt or whatever really, I think it would all be fun.


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There is kind of sort of a tek crew but I rarely see anyone on.

Feel free to add me though: CMDR Dexter Kane

Pardon my ignorance, but can I add you without a steam profile?

Yep, just search for dexter kane on the add friends menu

I am CMDR Rodentx for you and anybody who wants to add me.

ps I sent you a request in Elite

CMDR kamakoda

Might be a capital "K" not sure, but I don't play all that often - currently smashing out the Phantom Pain!
Also feel free to add me on steam as well :)
Steam: kamakoda

CMDR Kernel Kurtz
New to the game so would be grateful for someone to "show me the ropes" if you will.

Steam: Kernel Kurtz

Well, I bought the game and I would be really happy to join, but for some odd reason, Im not able to connect to server. Maybe once thats fixed, I will learn to play it with you guys...

I'm super CMDR Eden Rubra, just started a new save as i hadn't progressed much.

Yeah, sounds good. Just forgive me for my inexperience. Although I'm open to learning if anyone wants to teach me a few things. My Steam name is Giacomo.

Is it possible to have two saves? My current and only name in-game is cmdr psycho_666... Obviously...

No, I think you can only have one save.

Literally just picked up the game the other weekend. It's pretty damn fun though I have no idea what I'm doing half the time. I believe my name is CMDR CuriousLekgolo though not 100% sure. Feel free to add me though!

During the sale? Fun fact, almost 100K people got the game during the sale...
And I don't regret it... I. The beginning it was weird, when every mission I got killed. But then I started to stay away from that particular system and got through the game mostly unmolested. Not counting that one time I literally got away from a fight 6% health no shields, because I hit a big guy and said "he did it" pointing at the ship, that was kicking my ass...

Wow, we are going to have quite the clan going on. Ill add you guys as soon as I sign on again. It'll probably be in an hour or so here.

Oh, I'm currently at work, so I won't be able to play for the next probably 4 hours... Maybe even more...

It's all good yo.

I sent a request to all who have posted here so far.

@rodentexplosion I don't know what happened last night but there were some bizarre connection issues, even text chat stopped working. I'll be back on after work tonight though if you're still in that system. I'm going to try to get in the top 5 for that community mission so I'm going to be in that system for a while.