Elite Dangerous: Biggest job you pulled off

Biggest Job, how much did u make, how long did it take you?

Mine is 30min of Bounty hunting took out an Anaconda and a few other ships, cashing in a total of Over 250,000 CR. I think thats not too bad considering ive only had the game a few days.

I did that yesterday.
That was just the bounties, not considering the "bulletin" payout.

There was another ship too, can't remember what it was.

But I cashed out at over 260,000 CR.

Hope I'm not derailing the discussion too much here, but how are you liking ED? I think the terrible launch of X Rebirth has made me a bit skeptical when it comes to similar games like ED. Also, is a joystick required for proper maneuverability?

I am really loving ED I have now put about 60 hours in (over a few weeks). I has a steep learning curve and the tutorial is not very good, but once you get over that, they game is epic. I love the dog fighting and have spend a lot of time doing it. I do have a joystick, a Cheep logitech Extreme 3D pro. I guess it not really needed but very much improves the experience. I guess the only gripe I have with ED is that once you get bored of; Trading, Dog fighting, Exploring, Pirating, Smuggling there is not really much else to do, but like I say I have played 60 hours an I'm not bored of fighting, but I mix it up every now and again. bottom line... I believe it was Worth the money I payed.

Job Update - Biggest cash in was 550,000 CR from Hunting!!!

Well I LOST 2 million worth of bounties and 1.5 million is rebuy costs when I crashed my asp in to a space rock.

But my biggest payout was probably 8 million from getting top 15% in a community event.

Wow tough luck, 8 Mil is crazy...

I've had the worst luck. I just bought a clipper and almost lost it without having enough credits to cover the rebuy because a couple of cobras tried to ram me. Then I did lose it when a friend I was playing with sandwiched me between his vulture and an anaconda. Luckily I could afford to rebuy at that point. But when I lost the asp I think I died about 5 times that day, it was pretty much a total write off but atleast at the end of it I got that 8 mil.

Game's awesome though :P