Elfen Leid

So I finished Elfen Leid last night. Dude. Lay down. Try not to cry. Cry alot. It was really good though. I really liked it. Has anyone else seen it

I've seen it, I thought it was an amazing anime. (and not just because she was naked throughout half of it, hah.)

epic story epic gory battles. and epic wtf moments. loved it and have watched it 3 times all the way through.

Would be on my to watch list... Just have to finish other animes ahhah. I've heard nothing but good things though.

Dude. The story is amazing. It isnt drawn out (like i thought death note was) and the gory battles and the twists were awesome. The ending. Oh gawds. Its so beautiful. I mean like. I feel like a new person. Watch it soon :3

I've got a ton to watch yet, but it's on the list. Hell i bought a drawing from a dude from a comic convention that did something from it lol. 


Right now i'm half way through Casshern Sins which is just strange lol. 

Don't watch when you're 12, don't watch when you're 12, for the love of god don't watch when you're 12 like I did!

But on a more series note, Elfen Lied was awesome.  Really good story, and the end of every episode was a cliffhanger.



so you havent seen it? 

Tis a good anime, though parts from the manga around half way through. Which is kinda sucky, but none the less it's still good.

Got anything else planned?

well i dont know of any other good animes. i just watched death note and elfen leid because my friends told me to

If you don't mind reading subs, 'Sword Art Online' is a really good anime.

Also look at 'Angel Beats!' that certainly good and rounds itself off really well at the end.

sweet thanks

From what i skimmed the anime recommendation thread or whatever it was called... it has a ton of good stuff listed already. If you're buying the SAVE stuff from funimation helps. It's how i got Heroic Age, Vexille, and a handful of others. 

Awesome Anime, really really loved it! I recently finished watching Death Note- by far the best anime I've ever seen.

I loved it at first.....then I read the Manga. The Anime only gives you about half of what happens.

I thought it was good.