Electronica music with Classical influence?

Just wondering what's out there. Not sure how to explain exactly what I'm looking for; I guess some mix of electronica (techno, trance, "dubsteb" (<- hate that term), etc.) with classical instruments. Rob Dougan's Clubbed To Death kinda sparked some interest with me, and I shortly after discovered Vanessa Mae, but she wasn't exactly what I was looking for (Just sounds bland for some reason, only really like her live performance of Tocatta and Fugue), but I found Lindsey Stirling and she got me really got me excited.

Pandora is kind of a hit or miss. I've found Blackmill, and Escala, but that's more or less it.

If you want to check the station I've built so far, here it is.

You should check out a band called Hybrid. Definitely some of my favorite producers. There stuff is very cinematic.

Check out this song Finished Symphony from their album "Wide Angle", which was recorded along with the Russian Federal Orchestra. Some really awesome stuff.




I absolutely recommend you check out Jon Hopkins - fantastic, dark, inspiring music




And as a shameless plug, I write electronica that might be in this vein as well. 






Not exactly what you were talking about but this is a song put together using tones of string instruments recorded on vinyl and then...well youll see...




I was surprised to see Hybrid here. Wider Angle (Special Edition) is my favourite Album of all time!
Technically this music is Nu Skool Breaks, and Hybrid is really the best you can get on that. I know some other electronic / contemporary music which takes on or covers orchestral music

Here is a short list of artists and songs I enjoy:

(Everything Jerm said, though Lindsey Stirling is overrated  and Vanessa Mae ftw.)

Bond is a group of String Players fusing Violins with Trance, allthough their best song Explosive is an exception.

Maksim Mrivica is a piano player which quite often fuses classic songs with modern elements.

This Song from Jaïa is Prog Psy which is definitely inspired by the Moonlight Sonata.

Atlas Plug is Tom Saltas (Soundtrack Composer) personal project.

This song from Fox blew my mind when I first heard it. Very Dark and Lo-fi :D

This and This just for fun :D

I hope to discover new stuff here too ^_^

Hopkins sounds amazing and I enjoy your stuff too. Reminded me a little of Kashiwa Daisuke. Thanks!