Electronic accessories

Just out of curiosity I was wondering what smartphones do you guys all use and why? Also laptops.

Samsung Galaxy S Plus

1. I like the fact that android is an open-platform OS meaning that I can install custom roms that are the best for my needs.

2. I don't like paying 50% more just for the brand (@apple).

3. I really, really like super amoled screens, they are the reason I got a Samsung in the first place, I fell in love with the vivid colors.

4. Overclocking because I love tinkering with all the electronics I own.

5. Because they are korean and I really like their culture and the people.

Nexus 4

1.The price-performance ratio is just awesome. 

2. Good size and PPI

3. That stock android experience :D

galaxy s 3.


pretty much because it was the best phone out there when it was time for me to upgrade. pretty handy so far, i use to flash a new rom like every week but i decided to stay on carbon rom, been pretty stable so far. i use it for almost everything when i cant get on a computer. i even download torrents when im at work cause i get excellent 4g signals at work.

Samsung Galaxy S2

Because: Cheap, Fast enough for me, Does what i need it to do. Music, Photos, Email, internet, calls, texts, gps, tons of apps that i use daily (for instance an app for checking public transport schedules)

Acer Aspire 7741g

Reasonably good laptop. does play all modern games on at least low settings. 17.1" 1600x900 screen! (terrible color shift though) As a student i use it for pretty much anything. from text editing to rendering.