Electro Swing

Have been up all night (what I will regret soon) digging through my music collection.
Stumbled accross six electro swing pieces. Completly new to this genre and looking for more. Are there any artists I should know or just go for the YouTube rabbit hole approach?

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I just saw Caravan Palace live in oakland :D


^THis, but for lone digger, use this one:

The furry music video is... disturbing.


Got some GEMA in my way to watch anything. I could log into my VPN for YouTube but whatever.

search on youtube for free download and the type of music you want is what i do

I am mostly looking for music on YouTube, then go to Bandcamp or Amazon and spend money on it.

I haven't listened to all of Caravan Palace's music, but this is my favorite track of theirs thus far:

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So why not check out some musicians who offer free music? I never said to only download the music. Bands like metallica have away free music when they first started, and I think they made a couple dollars on the way to where ever they are at now.

So I'm pretty big into Electro Swing. Caravan Palace is without a doubt the biggest artist in this genre. Some of their live performances are a ton of fun to watch.

Closely following Caravan Palace in popularity would be Parov Stelar. A couple of songs from this artist have gone nuts thanks to youtube. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of them due to their heavy use of samples but it's all just personal preference.

One of my personal favourites would have to be Tape Five. I'm not a huge fan of their newer stuff but the album "Tonight Josephine!" has a ton of great stuff in it.

An artist I found relatively recently is Dirty Honkers. A few of their songs are incredibly catchy.

The Correspondents is by far the most divergent from the genre but man do I love them. I don't know how Electro Swing-y some of their stuff is but I have a ridiculous amount of replays on their songs in Google Play Music.

Keep in mind that Electro Swing is still incredibly new as far as genres go so there are a ton of incredibly talented artists popping up all over the place to keep an eye out for.

Can't talk about Electro Swing without mentioning Parov Stelar.
Wiki quote: "Parov Stelar was among the first who produced electronic swing music in Europe."

And this pearl. Kenneth Bager - Fragment Eight

Gramatik is not known for Electro Swing per se, but this one fits the genre quite well.
Gramatik - Hit That Jive

And I quite like this next one, even though it's a an acquired taste as it is more monotone than some of the other tracks in this thread.

Groovejuice - Cafe Prague