Elder Scrolls V

I was just trying to get some research done on elder scrolls V and i couldn't find anything except they were going to make it. Any help here guys like can you find any info on the game for me like at all. Just stuff like if they have a team working on it, a release date, or maybe just what to expect from the game.

Anything will do thanks

Maybe you can't find anything because the info just isn't there? In case you forgot, Fallout 3 isn't done yet and it's supposed to be HUGE (or somewhat disappointing, like Spore, Force Unleashed, Mercenaries 2) so TES5 is probably still isn't even in development yet.

yeah tht might be true but i just wanted to see if anyone else had info i couldn't find

TES5 will be released probably within 2011-2012. Thats saying we don't die in 12/21/12.

oh we wont die till arter it comes out i made a deal with hades the greek god of the under world

Thats out of his jurisdiction. The Mayans put the end of the world at 12/21/2012, not the Greeks. Im no expert in theology but I'd say Hades doesn't speak Mayan.

and id say youre a little dirty jew


and id say the mayans went out of existence a long time ago so i don't take what they say very seriously.

Wasn't it a mayan that said a man will overcum, by the name of Hitler.

show me a few credible sources that say something like "these Mayan inscriptions translate to "a man named Adolf Hitler will attempt to conquer Europe." then i might have interest in what they have to say. just dont show me any vague words that some ignorant person over analyzed into meaning what they want it hear, as a means to confirm their own stupid beliefs. like you know, Bible Code and Nostradamus predictions, because according to those nuts the Torah also predicted Hitler and 9-11.


dude by a few i mean 3 or 4 and by credible i mean like a scientific journal or college press, something with sources that isnt just some guy posting on a like blog asking everyone to pray to stop the end of the world.

When the year 2000 was coming around there were all sorts of predictions that bad things would happen. Not much happened. Maybe it was the ill contrived war in Iraq and the escalation of the conflicts in the middle east.

I have always been fascinated by prophecies, The scariest are the following five, who were written by different people years apart and countries apart. What is so astounding is that they all predicted devastating things will happen to earth in the same year:

Nostradamus, who decades earlier, predicted the war with "Hister" and the flaming towers of the "New City." Many of us are familiar with his many "quatrains" or prophecies that were interpreted as actual events. Recently, a newly found prophecy or "quatrain" from Nostradamus claims the earth will suffer a catastrophic event in the year 2012 .

The Mayan Indians, inscribed in petrogliphs. These petrogliphs have been interpreted/deciphered by language archeological specialists. They have found that the Mayans were experts in the study of the planets, stars and earth's relationship to them. I was in Chichenitza at the Mayan ruins and saw what looked like a copy of the Mount Polomar dome in California. This dome was used by the Mayans in the study of the stars. These archaeological specialists found that the Mayan calendar had 19 periods, or months but the total number of days in a year were equal to ours 365. They found that the Mayans had accurately predicted eclipses, drought periods and other events and could foretell the location of some of the planets in our own solar system in relation to the earth and the sun. They foretold that in a certain year, when the sun, the planets and the earth were aligned in a certain position, that a devastating, earth shattering event would occur. That year is 2012.

Merlin, the magician of old in England. History buffs have found writings they believed were his. He predicted many things that actually occurred. For example Napoleon Boneparte's victories and defeat. He also predicted that a devastating event would occur on earth in the year 2012.

William Kacy, who was an unusually gifted man from the 20's, could place himself in a trance and predict events in the future. He would give free readings to people who needed to know certain things about their lives and their loved ones. He predicted with great accuracy things that did occur. He predicted Hitler's occupation of Europe before it happened. He also predicted that an earth shattering event would occur whereby all of the US East coast would be flooded. He predicted that this event would occur in the year 2012.

Most recently, I read in National Geographic that earth and sun scientists who have been studying the sun for years have found that this huge atomic furnace, filled with flowing flaming plasma, which has tremendous magnetic forces, not like the north and south pole as on earth, but huge magnetic forces intertwined, intermingled all over the sun. These forces from time to time are magnified by the flow of the plasma around the sun's center. There also occurs on our sun huge explosions thousands of times more powerful than atomic bombs. These forces send magnetic waves all over the universe. These occur in cycles and have caused radio communications, electrical, TV and other failures. Scientists claim they are getting worse. They have found they happen every 11 years. The next 11th year occurrence which is predicted to be the worst is predicted to be in the year 2012.

So if you don't believe me, do the research and find out for yourselves. Much you can find on your own browser on your computer.

They say prophecies and predictions can be changed by specific events. What are those events?

I have been witness to what I believe was the power of prayer. Maybe, just maybe if all men joined together, prayed to their God, Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, Yahweh, their own Supreme Being, we could change events. Atheists could try and figure out a scientific solution. Maybe, just maybe if all men were to suddenly become worldly compassionate, generous, forgiving and perform outward acts of kindness, use the known technology to feed and care for everyone protect our environment, including plant and animal life, its possible, things could change. "The Force" might see that we are worthy of being saved. What other choices do we have?

Watch the history channel..Dumb nutz!

can we get back to the obivion question lol its settled i made a deal with hades god of the underworld and none of the raze the world members souls shall be brought to the pits of hell in till after oblivion unless of course you kill yourself than your soul is doomed tht was one exception

can we get back to the obivion question lol its settled i made a deal with hades god of the underworld and none of the raze the world members souls shall be brought to the pits of hell in till after oblivion unless of course you kill yourself than your soul is doomed tht was one exception

lol huge. is ur mouse broken?

lol huge. is ur mouse broken?

lol huge. is ur mouse broken?

y do you say tht