Elder Scrolls Online (ESO)

I’m sure that I am not the only one out there who loves to play the TES series of games. With ESO coming out later this year I would like to know what you are all thinking about it so far, and if you are looking forward to it or not. If this forum already exist sorry could not find it.

TES series has been really good single player combat but I don't think it's suitable for online because it's clunky. Of course they'll change that, but I think that will be their biggest challenge because everyone is used to the old game mechanics. Personally, I've just modded the custard out of my Skyrim in the meantime.

Ha yea that is what I've been doing. I still want to play ESO though, it looks like a good expirement.

modded skyrim cannot be beat by a game where mods are not allowed but iv seen some footage of it on youtube and it seem good acutally looks smooth and responcive no camra shake or anything so can only hope Zenimax no what they are doing

they design the software so they themselves can play it first and foremost, so of course it's going to be good.

I definately want to try it, but will wait several months after it is released because I need to see reviews before making ANY decision.

They are going to have to do a better job with ESO because there won't be any mods. With the other games Bethesda could kind of half-ass it because they know that the modding community will run up behind them and fix it. 

Judging from even the early footage I can see myself playing this for hundreds of hours on end already. Honestly, I can find myself having a relativly great time with any game as long as I can play with friends, but from the looks of it, this could definately be an amazing MMO experience. I really love MMOs so I'm hoping that not only the lore, but the mechanics, of the Elders Scroll games will make things more refreshing. I love the level of detail(well, to a certain extent) that Skyrim and Oblivion have within their worlds and I'm hoping that ESO can produce the same detailed world with thousands of little easter eggs and world activity that makes the world seem more alive. I really lose myself in Elder Scrolls games and hopefully I'll be able to have that same experience with friends Either way, only time will tell, but from what I've seen, looks to be a fantastic game that I'll most likely be playing within a week of launch day.

The lore within the elder scrolls games are amazing so much to read and so much we still dont no, what other game can say the have a person who only job is to check the lore they are adding.


It's strictly for PC isn't it? If so, it won't suffer from consolitis 

i herd thats quite nasty but ESO should be fine im looking forward to some elder scrolls PVP

It's pretty bad. I played it on the xbox for quite a long time and places like Markarth and Dragonsreach would drop to below 30fps. Also, you'd have to be within 5 metres of an enemy in the open world before that enemy would even be rendered, so you can literally hear the enemy approaching and only see them once they've come in swinging distance

I'm a soon to be console to pc convert and I've got a laundry list of games that I want to play the way the developer intended...ESO may have just climbed to the top of that list.

That's a dangerous move there buddy. There's no going back. You're about to have your first hit of crack


there been leaked footage about 20min long why do people who get into beta always suck thats all i was thinking during it