EGPU - What to Do?

First Post and hello hello

I have Bought the XPS 15 9560 and i will hopefully be buying the new Devil Box pretty soon maybe in the next month or two.

I was wondering does anyone have this yet? And can they vouch for it working well? i have not been able to find a review for it at all.

I look forward to talking to you all,

EDIT: 02-01-2016

I have gotten the Devil box and from my first impressions i am impressed with teh metwrial quaility of the box. It has a 120MM on the front of the box and a 80mm (not sure 100% maybe a 92mm) on the top.

It had great I/O. I will note thought that it doesn't come with a sata data cable, which is kinda a bummer, as it seems to be proprietary which is annoying.

EDIT: 02-01-2016

Tried ou the devil box and it does well enough but ti is really not suited to be used with anyt other than an ultraportable laptop. The output for charging is only 60w and is not able to power my XPs 15 9560 as it requires a 130w and due to that it sees dimished returns.

Unlike the Core this almost requires 4x thunderbolt which my XPS does NOT have. The alienware i tried that does have 4x oddly enough can run with this no issuse Minus the chraging issue.

I returned it as i am not going to keep it around for the performance it offers does not benefit me that much (i had a 1070 in it). I got better performance with the included 130watt charger and a the hdmi cable plugged in directly to the laptop.

Dell has a thunderbolt dock that might be worth

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I know this review is the razer core but its build on almost identical technology. I would assume that you would face similar or lesser problems from the devil box since they are going to make it work for "just their laptops" since they don't manufacture any themselves, though product quality maybe another question. I personally havent had issues with power color but i know alot of people have a bad taste in their mouths from them.

I did read that before I bought the devil box. And thought yeah it should be the same but razor uses thier software in conjunction with the core so I have no idea if that will make a difference.

We shall see. I am hopefully going to get an AMD card as well to test. I actually was able to order it early and should see it arrive the 1st or the 2nd

Powercolor is not that bad of a brand but they are not a premium product offering compared to some of the other brands. They float lower to mid tier in quality in my experience.

i have powercolor 6850's running in 2 different rigs no gripes here. not the best not the worst ( just dont expect much OC)