EGL and having Mesa from a PPA and Nvidia Proprietary drivers installed at the same time

I just want to gauge if people are having issues with EGL when testing both Nvidia and AMD cards by installing the Padoka stable PPA and Nvidia drivers at the same time. (Ubuntu based distros)

I already encountered one problem where VLC from snap in it’s default EGL renderer simply just shows a black screen. Errors I get in the log include “Cannot choose GLX frame buffer configurations” which is such a unique error, NOBODY reported it and Google has zero reports of this.

Just wondering if doing this causes these errors. Nobody has answers for what’s the right shared library to use when you have a config like this, and all threads I saw on errors like this get unanswered. I want to know what’s actually the root of the problem but information is so sparse…

Edit: AHA! Mesa from Padoka installs dev packages for libglvnd that are it’s own, and it messes up the Nvidia driver. ppa-purge doesn’t fix it because the pkg-config is forever messed up.

A workaround is adding --glvnd-egl-config-path /usr/share/glvnd/egl_vendor.d after the .run command. But Mesa messing up pkg-config for Nvidia shows the stupid mess that installing Mesa can cause.

Edit 2: Same issue in VLC after specifying the glvnd path. Forever screwed up? Mesa modifications always end up in things forever being screwed up in some way… Stopping the video or restarting the video also crashes VLC.

Edit 3: It’s Snap’s fault. WOW. This is why I hate Snap and Flatpak. The reason I went Snap was because the official VLC nightly PPA refused to play nice because it’s for cosmic and up now.


  1. Why are you not using Cosmic?
  2. Given this kind of potential quirky behavior, I don’t think Snaps will ever see the light of day on Gentoo.
  3. Did you have the same issues with Mesa from the Ubuntu repository tree after a clean reinstall of Ubuntu, including wiping /home?
  4. Could you try some other distributions? My vote goes to Gentoo, but Arch is adequate for the task at hand (more than adequate if you do not have time to spare waiting for it to compile).


Side note

Wow, I guess that not many people have tried this, as I am the first one replying, even though I am on a laptop, far from any kind of setup that could be conceivably mistaken for yours.

Not using Cosmic because of 32bit breakage, and it’s a short term release.

I would test VLC Nightly in Manjaro if that’s the advice currently being given.

And to be clear, this issue is with VLC Nightly and VLC Stable in a Snap.

I realized that the Snap versions were amiss. Yeah, you should try Manjaro, or vanilla Arch with testing repositories if you have the time.

Why am I pushing for testing repositories and such? Well, this sounds so experimental that the testing ones, which hold the newest packages, are most likely to work. Kind of like how we (Shane and I) recommend users of the GentooLTO overlay to to be on the testing releases of packages (set ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~amd64", which is the equivalent of enabling the testing repositories in Arch; we do that mostly due to GCC improvements and bug fixes, which is kind of crucial for a project like Shane’s).


Oh, also, if you are already on the absolute latest versions of the packages in question when you succeed reproducing this issue, you will have an easier time if you decide to report this.

Edit two

So, I just found out that there is an overlay for snapd… All right…
Hopes that FurryJackman tries Gentoo…