Education vs Enterprise?

Hi a family friend/mentor of mine while helping me diagnose my laptop issues mentioned that he had a bunch of Win 10 enterprise keys that he didn’t need if I wanted one but I’m already running the education edition that I got from my school. I was wondering what’s the difference between the two? The main thing I’ve seen is education edition doesn’t have Cortana enabled.

Enterprise keys aren’t supposed to be used outside of the organization that pays for them, under a volume license or enterprise agreement with Microsoft.

But anyways, Enterprise is the most premium version of Windows. It has expanded hardware support like Windows for Workstations, and more remote/background administration features available.

On a laptop, outside of a corporate environment, I see no benefit.

Just my 5 cents…

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+1 for education edition.

What would happen if I used it for personal use?

I guess revoke the license and an activation prompt?

For you, nothing… Maybe one day the key stops working and you have to “acquire” another one.

Microsoft does conduct audits of enterprise customers, so worst case would be revocation of the key.

Depending on how many machines the company that holds that license has installed, it could be a headache for someone updating the legitimate machines using that key.