Editing PC [$1300-$1900]

I am building a computer for a friend. He is going to use it for editing videos and pictures. He is not going to be playing any games, so don't think about getting gaming related hardward. He needs alot of storage. The programs he wil use are

Canon MP Navigator 3.1 

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

HP Photosmart Essential 3.5

Everio Medio Browser 3

Adobe Photoshop Elements 12

Photo Studio 6+


His budget is between 1300 and 1900 USD. 

Tossing this out there to get the conversation started: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/jzr6Lk

Haswell-e is more suited than the previous generation for editing. More ram, less (but still susubstantial) cuda.

Should be a pretty quiet build. Just slap on a Pro Art or Ultrasharp monitor.


Why have you both added 1 extra medium sized HDD? Anyway. I Like Hinks build, I thought about the 5820K myself. 

Definitely go for the 6 cores. Also I'd get rid of the extra HDD and put a small capacity SSD in there as a scratch disk. I'm personally waiting for the new AMD cards to come out to see if I can render better/cheaper.

i have trown this togheter, i think something like this would serve him realy well.


i went for a 5820k build because the 6 core 12 threads cpu´s will definitely gonne bennefit him in his productivity workloads, next to that i choosed for a M.2 SSD from plextor 256GB for just the OS and the program´s. and i added 2x2TB Seagate baracuda´s for storage. if he likes to save money on the SSD, he could also go with a normal sata SSD offcourse. But M.2 offers faster read speads.

I know this rig is not ment for gaming, however i have still choose to add a GTX780 into this build, the reason is your friend uses adobe software, which can utilize cuda rendering. So if he likes to play arround with that, he has the capabillity for it. If he is not interessted in cuda, then you could also go with a cheaper gpu offcourse.

Case is personal.

Let me know your thoughts.

Grtz Angel ☺