Editing PC [$1200-$1700]

Building a PC that is only going to be used for editing, no gaming. Going to be top of the line build. 

I'm going to watercool the CPU, but just with a closed loop. A good case, lots of room for HDDs/SSDs and fans are good. I need Windows, but no other periph....(not sure how to write the word, mouse, keyboard, etc). 

I live in Norway, prices here are higher, but my budget is really fromm about 1400 to 2200. I adjusted my title to better match what that would be if i bought it here (I hope this makes sense). I'm building this for someone else, so I'm not sure what software he will be using. He said that he will be editing videos on it, but I can ask him. I was thinking GPU, but im not to sure about whats good. 

I have built 4 or 5 ocmputers before, but they were for gaming purposes. Please ask questions as Im not in a hurry and want to be sure before i start.


Well since you don't know how to write "peripherals" (which is totally fine) I assume USA might not be your country of residence. If so please specify where will you be shoping for this PC since that will help people give you adequate advice. I have no idea about prices in USA but I assume 1500$-2000$ is enough for socket 2011 platform which would be your best bet if you're going full on productivity. Also feel free to specify software that you'll be using since it might make a lot of sense to put some decent GPU in your system even thou it's not ment for gaming (CUDA, OpenCL etc.).

Sure, I editied the Post. And will add some parts and prices for comparison later on

I just took a quick look on amazon.com and newegg.com. 1200-1700$ should be enough for editing rig based on i7-5820k especially if you don't need beastly graphics card, top of the line MOBO etc. I'm not gonna post my recommendation here since I'm not pro or even semi-pro content creator (i7-4771 that I'm using right now is practically an overkill for my needs) and I'm sure you'll find plenty of those in TekSyndicate community:)




Mainly needs more RAM and a less shitty power supply.  Could do with a better GPU for faster live previews.

Also a bit large.  Check on storage space as well.

This is $2159, my budget is $1200 to $1700, as i have specified. Please red before you post :)