Editing and gaming rig A$1000-A$1200 (AUS)

Ok i am looking at building a rig for light editing at this stage ( just started using a dslr) both video and photos and i honestly don't really know where to start i have been told that this forum usually has some really good suggestions


-- i already have a monitor ( 1080P) a keyboard and a mouse ..... also the case does not need to be included in this build as i already have one (ATX), also OS is covered

the programs i am using are vegas pro and abobe ( open to other program suggestions)

the games i am/will be playing are SWtoR, CoD, titanfall, crysis, and can not wait for watchdogs and am looking at playing decent settings so things are not blurry on screen ( bad eyesight in 1 eye )

so any help will be appreciated would prefer intel and nvidia but ok to go amd and nvidia



this would go a bit over the budget :/ http://au.pcpartpicker.com/p/2T2OS

what sort of performance would i be looking at in games?? ie ultra high, high ??

also i have a few HDD full of movies and tv shows ie 6 in total, so will that power supply power those drives as well ??