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EDID hex to plain text

I downloaded this and it shows hex values. I could go through pages and pages of wikipedia to find what I need. Hoping there’s a simpler way. I have a monitor with a bad EDID circuit that I want to get working.

If anybody has a Dell s2330MXc connected with DVI, it would be a big help to run this, get the EDID hex. and just copy paste it here. That’s what I have that’s broken. I’d like to fix the EEPROM; getting this data would get it running now, and allow a proper fix later.

Does this help?

Looks like it just added a 0x in front of each hex value… so no.
EDIT: I didn’t click enough things. Thanks


I guess it will help validate that I put in the values I want; but, it doesn’t let me edit anything. Was hoping to be able to select or type in things like “1080p 60” and get the appropriate modified hex.

Quick Google search revealed lot’s of EDID editors. I am sure there is one that would work out. The AMD tool you screenshotted have edit EDID checkmark, so at every least you can edit the hex.

I mostly just seen hex editors that didn’t specify EDID.

You’re probably reffering to a bunch of ones that suggests registry edits and searching through files and a bunch of bullshit and what not.

I’ve used this before. It’s for creating an edid from scratch, not editing an existing one, so you’ll have to recreate your desired edid from scratch which sucks. But with the website linked above it will probably be doable.

Edid’s have a crc32 checksum, so if you decide to hex-edit your existing dump you’ll need to either (1) make it match the original hex exactly or (2) regenerate the crc32 after editing. Both sound like a pain in the ass so I would try it the other way personally. The generator does it for you.

Thanks I’ll check that out. I don’t have an existing hex for the monitor that failed.

Oh, Xorg… Linux. Guess I’ll check it out at some point.