ECS A990FXM-A AM3+ Motherboard?


haahaha tempted.


the heat sinks on the vrm's looks functional



It looks vintage lol

Its tempting to order this instead of the crosshair

Seems like ecs is trying to make a comeback offering feature rich boardd

Which was it?


...or kidnapped by aliens flown arund a bit and returned thinking only a few days have passed?


Well i have owned an ECS board in the past.
And the parts litterly felt off after a few months of ussage.
Pretty sure they can improve their quality,
but it will be hard for them to come back at this market with all the big dogs in charge.

Same counts a bit for Biostar and EVGA.

I've had an ECS itx board and I definitely can tell there was corners cut to keep the price down, but it was pretty damn rugged and even with stood some ESD

By the way, @anarekist do you have any additional info on some newer ECS boards?
Because you revived your post after allmost 2 years.