ECC UDIMM support with threadripper 2nd gen CPU


Anyone familiar with compatibility of either Nemix, Samsung, (or any other company) DDR4 UDIMM ECC 32gb RAM with Threadripper 2nd gen processors (specifically, the 2990WX) ?

I’m looking to achieve 256Gb ECC RAM in total - using 8 x 32gb RAM sticks. Anyone know if the CPU / x399 mobo combo supports this?

Probably preferable to buy Samsung RAM since they’re the manufacturer, vs. Nemix which resells RAMs - however, I can’t find online where to buy the Samsung RAM in dual kits since the x399 mobos are 2 RAM slots per memory channel.

Under MSI X399 SLI PLUS mobo RAM compatibility page, it does list compatibility of some 32GB RAM chips supported in all 8 slots, but none of them are ECC - but I’ve seen online where people have ECC RAM working in their x399 mobos, just not in 8 x 32GB configuration.

(I tried posting links but the forum is preventing it.)

Any guidance is appreciated!

Check out thats where I get most of my ram. Its where i got almost all of my ecc unbuffered.

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Thank you,

I checked the specs for both the MSI X399 SLI PLUS Mobo as well as the Gigabyte X399 Aorus xtreme (this is for a new build), and they both list ECC support.

Thanks for the info regarding vendors. I’m in the US.

I checked their site (btw I saw your post to the topic “Nemix ECC UDIMM for Ryzen 3950x” from March 2020, good info there).

I don’t see any listings for 2 x 32Gb UDIMM ECC DDR4 RAM stick combos on memory(dot)net. I messaged them, waiting to here back. Otherwise I’d probably buy from Nemix (either directly or from newegg since they have stock).


just buy as many as you need, you dont have to buy them in kits (it can help but isnt needed, your probably going to OC them or tighten up the timings anyway)

thanks! I wasn’t aware that it’s fine to buy matching RAM chips separately. Of the 2 you linked to, do you recommend SK Hynix or Samsung? Same price for each.

Also I probably won’t be overclocking, trying to set-up a workstation for doing data analysis on large financial data sets which need to fit into memory.

With these frequencies, these chips should be fine, usually the platform is only validated to lower speeds anyways (4 channel slower then 2 etc)

Honestly its up to you on the SK Hynix vs Samsung. They both make good chips

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