ECC Ram on ASRock x470 (Fatal1ty)

I’m building an AMD Ryzen 5 2600 system on an ASRock x470 Fatal1ty K4 board. I have the perception that ECC memory will make my system more reliable in the long run. I ordered what I thought was 2 8 gig ECC sticks from Crucial that turned out to be 1 16 gig stick. The computer won’t post/boot, as it is a brand new system I’ve never had it post/ or boot before. But I’m suspecting the single 16 gig stick, it seems to be that for ECC ASRock wants dual channel memory. I’m sending the 16 gig stick back.

Does any one know if this memory will work ( ) or should I give up and buy non-ECC? Also there is dual rank and single rank, what is this?

I got the machine working with the single 16 gig ECC stick. So I can report that this combination of memory, CPU, and motherboard will work. I’m not completely sure if the ECC is working fulling working yet, or how much difference single vs duel channel memory makes a difference.

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What are you using the ecc for? Unless its super important data on a server its not really needed and you get such a benefit form 3200 ram its not worth the hit in my opininon