ECC Memory on consumer Ryzen 5000 platform

Do we have any updates on whether and which ECC memory can work with which consumer lineup of Ryzen 5000 CPUs/APUs and motherboard combination? I can tell that there is great interest, and although wendell has been doing videos on the topic and probing interest for years (even to the point of polling for fast ECC memory interest), I haven’t seen any recent updates.

With the recent 5000 series APUs, wendell promised an ECC focused video, I am very eagerly awaiting for that, plus a reliable way to check for ECC functionality on Linux 5.10 kernel.

How awesome would a SFF mITX-type 5700g build be for home-lab use, ZFS NAS etc, I can’t wait

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ZFS even works on a Pi, does not need ECC, so that is already a reality…

For checking ecc functionality, you might try memtester to work a bunch of your ram, and edac to check for errors?
As per:

I was also a massive proponent for ecc, but realised the errors that can occur in memory, and then get persistently stored forever on disk didn’t matter that much, so I scaled back on my desire for ECC

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I’m soon buying Kingston Server Premier line of DDR4 ECC, 3200MT/s with CL22, fastest ECC you can buy. Seen a bunch of good reviews on that memory, both in server and workstation usage. They work well with Threadripper boards, but check your board memory vendor list first. Gigabyte and ASUS seem to support ECC the most.

Price is around 180€ for a 32GB stick, ECC is less volatile (more stable) in pricing than regular DRAM.

edit: Internet says it works on AsRock Rack x470DU, MSI x470 Gaming, Asus Strix B550-E Gaming and some other B550 boards. That’s what I found out browsing some vendor reviews here in germany. So my guess is that if your board vendor supports ECC, it’ll probably work. I remember Wendell saying if the RAM gets detected as ECC, you “get the full enchilada”.

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Do let us know please how it’s working for you, afaik most of those are Hynix D-Die chips. I’m currently awaiting Samsung 16GB 3200 ECC dimms in lew of my problem I’m having with my TR, which may or may not be memory related.

I got a good price on 128GB of Samsung 3200 16GB ECC memory ($75 /stick) (M393A2K40DB3-CWE) earlier in the year. Working well on two Asrock Rack mobos, a EPYCD8 and a ROMED8-2T.

I’ve always liked Samsung memory for AMD cpus.

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its a rabbit hole on the apus. Only the pro ones have ECC enabled and motherboards that blanket enable ECC dont always enable it on pro APUs.

at least one bios version enabled ecc on non pro APUs… but then that was rolled back.

What a mess.


Oh those are registered dimms, those can’t be used for mainstream or TR, at least afaik.

Is it that much more work to enable ECC?

probably more to do with market segmentation, but I’d imagine validation and testing isn’t free.

Now that AMD is the performance leader, they don’t particularly care about being nice to consumers of their products.

The new WRX80 mobos support RDIMMs.

I was looking at ASRock’s Deskmini X300 CPU compatibility list, which does mention the PRO 5000 APUs, but no ECC memory supported (I didn’t check all the SKU’s). If some of you do have the hardware to test, it would be interesting to post results of combinations that wouldn’t appear officially on paper, but could possibly work (eg ECC on the X300 above).
One other issue is the availability of the PRO APUs, which seems to be very limited atm

Got 4 of these (Samsung 16GB 3200 ECC today and put them in my system, somehow mine seems a little unhappy about it, it has to try sometimes a second time to memory train it.
Haven’t checked yet if ECC is active.
Oh and those seem to be B-die from what I saw. SPD doesn’t give that info but the ICs itself have 5WD BCWE printed on them and a preliminary search tells me that it’s supposed to be B-die.

I’m a little bit gutted by this.
I’ve been planning to build a silent home server that will plug into my TV via HDMI. It will be running Ubuntu. It will also be my email and web server.
It is well known that, unlike Intel, AMD don’t limit ECC to their server CPUs, and I’m keen to use ECC in a system that I want to last as long as possible and be reliable. An AMD APU seemed ideal for the modest graphics requirements I have. I was waiting for the 5700G to come out, since the Pro 4750G wasn’t available at retail. Coupled with a Gigabyte B550I Aorus Pro AX mini-ITX motherboard and a Streacom FC5 Alpha case, this would have been a really neat system. Now I don’t know what to do…

I wonder if I’ll be able to get my hands on a Ryzen Pro 5750G…

ECC multi-bit is activated it seems:

Is this with a 5700G? What motherboard?

No it’s not, it’s a Threadripper 3960X. Just wanted to confirm that it works for me.

Today I saw my first Ryzen 7 Pro 5750G (part № 100-100000254MPK) advertised for sale, albeit at an inflated price. I hope this means I’ll be able to buy one, and get the ECC support I crave!

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