ECC and heat spreaders for TRX-40?

Hello everyone, looking for some advice regarding a TRX-40 build I’m planning. Never used ECC before and my last proper build was in 2014 with a 5960X, so I might as well be a complete novice.

Not a great fan of RGB vomit everywhere, but do want the computer to look decent, so I’m wondering if anyone has experience of using some aftermarket heat spreaders, either the cheap clip-on kind, or the RGB kind. I am not delusional and realise that they don’t do much for cooling, but are they at least as good as bare sticks? Any problems with the extra memory chip on the ECC UDIMM? Can I get away with not removing the warranty sticker? How do I monitor the temp and stability of the sticks?

Here in the UK, it seems as if the only easily available ECC UDIMMs that fit the bill are Crucial 2666-CL19 16GB, so probably will end up with either 4 or 8 of those. But I might be able to find Kingston if that would make a difference.

Likely main specs:
Gigabyte Designare TRX-40
DarkRock Pro 4 TR4
5700xt (will try and hackintosh and would prefer to wait for Big Navi or the RTX-3080 something if paying more)
2x 2TB NVMe SSDs (Probably something PCIe3 like a FireCuda 510, as I don’t see the value yet in PCIe4 drives, as much as I’d like one)
1200w Platinum or Titanium - maybe Corsair/BeQuiet/SuperFlower/Seasonic
Fractal Design Define 7 XL (I want almost unlimited room to grow, and you’ll have to tear my optical drive and internal card reader out of my cold dead hands! …even if I don’t use them much.)

Please note that I do have a reason to want ECC memory as I sometimes run some programs for long periods of time where, despite them being simple and futile follies of mine, the result would be changed by a bit-flip. Basically on occasion if I hear about an interesting maths problem, I write some very amateur code in C and try and brute force it. Please don’t judge, it’s just a bit of fun and an itch I have to scratch every few years.

Also apologies if you feel that this question has been done before as there was a similar thread brought up by the forum (great feature BTW). But that was 4 years ago and from the tone of the thread I get the impression that Wendell has improved the PR of ECC in a desktop/workstation since then.

And if anyone has bothered to read this far, thank you!

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