Ebay pc build

I am building a server pc for rendering/making games and all of that good stuff.
considering the thousands of dollars i would have to spend on socket 2011 i have decided to go with the older 1366 xeon socket.

cpu- Intel Xeon X5650 2.66 GHz Six-Core (total of 24 threads) two of these they are being shipped currently 

psu- antec  900w high current gamer (already have this) 

mobo- Supermicro X8DTH-IF or similar, that can accommodate gpu's (will buy soon)

i understand that you cannot overclock on server motherboards, i was planning on the evga sr-2 but nobody will ship to Australia.

case- Phanteks Enthoo Pro Chassis Black

ram-1333mhz (will buy soon)
y splitter so psu can plug into both 8 pin mobo 

i am planing on taking images for anyone who cares to view them.
also plan on watercooling this build.


Looks pretty good, you'll have to post pics and benchmarks when you get all of this put together. The Cinebench score should be pretty good.

so the board i ordered is the Supermicro X8DTH-IF Dual LGA1366 Xeon ,the pci-e slots are all 8x. 
 should get all the parts by next weekend. 


Well , good luck coliding particles and calculating pi !

Please post pictures :D

Also , how many ram dimm's will you buy ?And will you get pci ssd's ?

i will start posting when the items have arrived.
as of now i only have received the dual 8 pin splitter.

i just received the motherboard. it comes with backplates and my xspc waterblock screws right in.

thats going to be sick i just picked up  intel Xeon E3-1230 Sandy Bridge myself 

i just now need a case
i might go with the 330r corsair. 

What are those gpu's ?.

Make sure the case can support Eatx :D

You really are going to need to do some benches ! Would be interested to see if games / other applications like photoshop can handle dual cpu's .


i will probably sell them both and get a 780ti watercooled a next gen card if they come out soon.
i ran planet side 2 today, 120hz monitor and got 119fps untill the intensive battle where i got 20 fps, my friend has a 780ti and he got 20fps also. game is badly optimised i guess.

the 7 slots are 8x pci-e slots but that is only about 2-5% slower that 16x in game i read. i am now working on getting a nice case and then some acrilic tubing. i will get mayhems pastel coolant. i also need anothr cpu block (obviously)
i ran cinebench and got 1281 score
i will bench mark 4 or 5 games (dayz tonight) 

its a small case but with mild modding my 280mm(i get 20 degrees right now average(only one cpu watercooled)) will fit and i will get another radiator for when i get gpu watercooling.

Finished pics ? :D

yea i used my old fractal r3 instead as i invested in building a home theater/car subwoofer with hometheater plate amplifyer on the back made with 16mm mdf and 2 100mm ports.

i found an old thermaltake waterblock(it is 10 degrees better than my xspc raystorm) wow i think it is worth buying a full copper block after all. but i do get under 28 degrees prettymuch all the time except when i am building my UE4 map (i also run out of ram during lightmass(16gb 1333mhz ram)

the build is a little dodgy with this case as a few modifications had to be made to the backplate and i had to remove the 5.25 cages plus the 3.25 hdd caddy holder at the front of the case. the radiator fits like a glove.