Eating coffee beans instead of drinking coffee

I was just curious if anyone else eats coffee beans for energy. I love drinking coffee, but the problem is coffee makes me sleepy so I drink it at night to keep me warm and I sleep better, sleeping is really hard for me, and waking up is even harder. So I bought a box of chocolate covered coffee beans at whole foods and I had a few, and the next thing I know, I can work for another 12 hours. Anybody else get sleepy when drinking coffee?

same here, if i drink coffee any other time than the morning i get sleepy.

caffeine messes with my sleep if i have it regularly. it doesn't matter whether it is coffee, Coke or otherwise... i can have it occasionally, but if i have it every day for a week or so, it messes with my sleep.

i love chocolate covered coffee beans. delicious.

For more energy i try to exercise regularly (run/swim & weights), eat meals at regular times and ultimately sleep regularly and enough. if i am healthy, i can do the odd late night or such and compensate by sleeping more later*. but if i am unfit, it is difficult to find the energy and i find myself just eating a lot of food and drinking a lot of Coke and a lot of water to keep going.


* you can do this to some extent, but then it doesn't work well and you start to break down.

For me coffee really has no effect. It doesn't keep me up not does it make me tired. Which, tbh, I didn't even know it could do. 

I would imagine that it doesn't matter how you consume the coffee. Brewing does bring out more caffeine but still. Maybe it is what ever you are putting in the coffee when you drink it? Milk, sugar, salt, whatever lol. 

But I do love eating regular coffee beans. Love the taste.