Easyest Tool to use for newbees for Wifi password "hacking"?

What is, for you guys who certainly have so much more experience than me, the best, most easy to use for newbees tool to get Wifi passwords ?

And I mean, something really easy to use, and if you have any tutorials on how to use it, please drop a link, or if you can, explain quickly.

Thanks. Cause I am currently on a Free public wifi connexion until my ISP does the necessary ... since I lost my connexion when I moved, and it's now been 16 days.



I will add, that I am not going to abuse the connexion of my neighbores, by downloading loads of stuff ... I just want to use internet to check out stuff for my job.



It seems to be really limited on Windows ... (just reading the info on the site)

Use a backtrack live disc and aircrack-ng for WEP and crapturing a WPA handshake, use reaver on a WPS access point, and set up pyrit for CUDA or OpenCL if you are running a word list attack

You should be able to find all the tutorials you need on youtube

Go to an internet cafe and use thier internet. Don't steal from your neibours.

Two reasons you steal Internet: You're up to no good or you're stealing something.

Nobody steals internet to "check for jobs"

I'll give you a 2/10

P.S. Why would you ask that here when you can just Google search it?? This makes no sense...

backtrack 5 r3 and use reaver works well but takes a long time up to 14 hours. Youtube will guide you and google. It took me awhile to learn but I finally tested it on my own network next im gonna learn how to stop people from stealing it. I think Mac Address allowed list or something like that will stop most people from being able to connect.

BT4or5 is the way to go

P5ykoOHD, you have two main options. 

1. Do as the guys suggest. Download Backtrack 5 and use reaver (if wpa/wpa2 with WPS ENABLED and it probably will be) or airmon/odump/eplay/crack-ng for wpe.

or you can always go the easy way (unless you are reaaaaaaly socially awkward). 

2. Simply go to your neighbours and ask if they could share their wifi until the darn phone company sorts out your internet problem (everyone hates phone companies). If you want this to work the first time and learn something in the process, you could just google this magical thing "social engineering" as well as NLP or some books/audio courses by A. Thomas Perhacs- Manipulation and Igor Ledochowski - Power of Conversational Hypnosis.

No need to read all this, its just the basic conception you want for getting people to be on your side and give you the wifi pass...

Good luck trying both ways! ;)

also never mention the word hacking in public, people get really uncomfortable about it.

just call it work and people will leave you alone.


i think wifi password hacking is like a technique , you can secure your network even with new anti hacking softwares Wifi Password Hack

1st rule of hacking, you dont talk about hacking.

All i know is how to do it in Windows. Aircrack-NG and Commview Wifi work well together. It takes some time (Anywhere from a few minutes to 24 hours) For newbies? Ehh your going to have to know a few things. This is for educational purposes, of course.

Download BT5, get used to airmon, then download reaver. 

All tools can be easy, its just knowing where to look for guidance, Securitytube will teach you almost every exploit on the planet, if you can find it, Aircrack is what I started with, And I am far from a master, I consider my self a noob and always will do, no matter the training, Wireshark is also another good tool, Metasploit is good but can take ages to learn :)

The reason you learn how to hack/crack with exploits & "hacker-tools" etc, is to understand how to harden your own system against those. You don't use it against other people, or else you are ethically no better than the NSA, GCHQ and all the other parasites, that don't seem to understand the difference between: "it can be done" and "it should be done"

Follow the advice of Antikythera Mechanism: Ask your neighbors & Respect their decision.

Consider that you'll never know who else is sniffing on the network, somebody may rat you out. Also look up the concept of honey-pots.

I don't want to discourage you from learning how to break wifi-encryption, but please crack your own stuff, so you don't get branded as a cyber criminal: Most people feal violated & helpless if they get hacked, because of their inability to protect them-selfs, they will react completely disproportionately -> lawsuit

Backtrack 5

GerrixWIFI cracker , There is nothing more LAME than this. But effective.

You guys do know the original post is over a year old.

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Any wireless cracking is going to be limited on Windows.  In order to actually get the info needed to crack it, you would need to put your wireless card in "promiscuous mode", which requires more access to the device than Windows gives any drivers.  There are some tools that work for this in Windows, but they will most likely cost you an arm and a leg.  Most wireless devices work for this on Linux, however.  If you want to go the easy route, you can find Kali Linux for free which comes pre-loaded with all the tools necessary.

Fern. It's got a GUI a cat could use.