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Easy way to make a muliboot USB?


So RN I’m working on my pentiium M project laptop some. I actually have a 128GB USB to leave plugged into it and to boot stuff off of / store shit on. But, I want to set it up so refind will be the boot manager, not something elsre like grub or whatever. Sadly enough, I just do not care that much, if at all. I don’t want anything fancy, just i386/686 compatible, will boot if its the first partition on a usb. IDK if refind will be a pain in the ass about it, but thats my goal.

I used to know a tool I could install to do it, however the issue I have rn is apt is completely not configured at all because… reasons I guess, so I’m looking for something that will actually do networking during setup.

If its any help, my laptop is a dell B120 with an intel PRO2200 wifi card.


Try Ventoy


Or get a Zalman ZM-VE350:


I’m poor

Oh, poor you.

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