Easy way to make a muliboot USB?


So RN I’m working on my pentiium M project laptop some. I actually have a 128GB USB to leave plugged into it and to boot stuff off of / store shit on. But, I want to set it up so refind will be the boot manager, not something elsre like grub or whatever. Sadly enough, I just do not care that much, if at all. I don’t want anything fancy, just i386/686 compatible, will boot if its the first partition on a usb. IDK if refind will be a pain in the ass about it, but thats my goal.

I used to know a tool I could install to do it, however the issue I have rn is apt is completely not configured at all because… reasons I guess, so I’m looking for something that will actually do networking during setup.

If its any help, my laptop is a dell B120 with an intel PRO2200 wifi card.


Try Ventoy


Or get a Zalman ZM-VE350:


I’m poor

Oh, poor you.

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I used plop in the past to make a 500gb USB hard drive multi boot and put all my operating system iso files on that drive.

I’m sure you could do the same but be prepared to tinker with it because it took a few hours to get working how I wanted it’s

Beat of luck.