Easy to use uploading system

Hey guys, I am writing a website for my Dad. I am not an expert in writing code but I am very willing to learn.

Anyway in his site he wants an easy way for him to upload pdf files, write upcome events which will be ordered on a page by date and then disappear when that date has passed, he is also wanting to embed videos he has made which are and will be hosted on vimeo and he wants to write a discription for each video embed into the site on the site.

So far my Dad has got a login system for him to log into the site as he is planning to get more people involved which will require multiple logins. What is the best way of make this possible and easy?

For a little bit more guidance, the embed videos need to be laid out like the podcasts on the Polygon webpage I have linked below....


If not a detailed answer can someone basically hold my hand and walk me through this because I am sure it will be complex. Haha

Thanks in advance, Matt

Well, I suppose you have a domain and a webhost so people can view your website from the internet...

You should use a CMS (Content Management System) its like a operative system that runs a website (they support multiple users and are fully customizable), I recomend WordPress (http://wordpress.org) or if you want Drupal or Joomla (bit harder to get up and running if you'r not experiensed)

You can find online several guides on how to get up and running with any of those tools...